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Matching your nails to your print?

aurorahime on egl posted these, and I love the idea! I’m totally tempted to get my manicurist to replicate these for a special occassion.

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Updates on the Atelier Pierrot blog~


They have released more of the utterly gorgeous corset bustle skirts in black, red and purple. ❤


And photos of an amazingly detailed, beautiful Alice & the cheshire cat necklace.

¥37,800 << ouch!








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Beautiful cakes~!

I was browsing through wedding cakes, and found these lovelies. They’d be perfect for a rori-themed wedding ❤

By Cheryl Shuen

By Canele

The Patissier

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Angelic Pretty: Dreaming Dollhouse print is on the site~!

Angelic Pretty Online Shop.

AP English store just released Dreaming Dollhouse, go get it!:D







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Deciding on a home for our TV~!

Since it will be in the living room, I’d want a suitably pretty area to put it on. I’m not sure which of these styles would be best.

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Samsung LED 7 Series – UA46B7000

This is our new baby, from the Samsung LED 7 Series – UA46B7000 🙂

The only TV I’ve owned prior to this is a 14inch Sony Wega from ages ago, so its really exciting! ❤




Isn’t it lovely? ^_^




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The Doll Affair Singapore 2009

The Doll Affair Singapore 2009.

For my lovely friends who love dolls as I do, TDA 2009 is coming soon!

It will be held on the 19th of December, and will feature many wonderful doll vendors including:


Domuya &Kura Bara – Angell Studio



Food!!! Aiclay,Snowfern.


Jewelry & Wings & Clothes! I can’t wait… and need to start saving up.<3


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Visited the lighting showroom today, and am deciding between these 2 gorgeous chandeliers for the living room. They use swarovski crystal, and are absolutely mesmerizing once the lights are on.

I really love how they sparkle, and the candles with oodles of crystals draped is stunning.

I had a really great experience with the owner at this shop, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for lights for their home! The shop is “Lighting Connection Pte Ltd”, and they have several showrooms that you can visit. I went to the Balestier one.




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From the BA shoot


Black Alice Photoshoot~

One of my fav photos from the BA photoshoot, photo by HH 🙂


Inspire Infinity! ~Photos By Han How~.

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@ The Hello Kitty Cafe

IMG_4656 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Everything @ the Hello Kitty Cafe looked yummy!

LOL @ the No Photo & Video sign, much?
Photo by Shu<3

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