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Angelic Pretty’s Starry Night Theater & Marionette Girl?

on November 18, 2009

Ok, for those who know me, know that I recently came back from Japan after a rori shopping spree. I fell in love with this print after seeing it in RL, it is simply gorgeous. I love all the colors and all the styles… which actually hasn’t happened to me before for AP. Normally I’ll have one or two favourite colors, and the rest will be ‘meh’.

Anyway, in other news, apparently AP is ALSO releasing the outfit of the girl in the Starry Night Theatre print. According to Mochimachine on EGL, its called “Marionette Girl”, and will be velveteen with trump prints on the skirt. Somewhat similiar to the previous releases of Chandelier & Puppet Circus.

Although it would be super cute to have Marionette Girl & Starry Night Theater just for the awesome factor, I think I’ll have to pass.

Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theatre Halter JSK in Black

AP_StarNightTheatre_2 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

AP StarNightTheater_1 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!


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