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KittyLab 2009

on November 24, 2009

Today, my gfs and I went to KittyLab which was essentially a hello kitty funfair sort of event. You purchase a ticket to go in, and you get a kitty ‘DNA’, which is this glowy plastic cloud thing. You bring it around to the various stations (set up awesomely I must say) e.g. Kitty Boutique, Kitty Cafe. There are games at each station, and if you win, you are allowed to choose 1 item for your kitty ‘DNA’. e.g. type of eyes, clothes, accessories, fav foods, friends etc. If you lose, you’ll get a randomly generated item.

At the end of the tour, you will get an ID card of your final kitty 😀 Here’s mine~

You also get a ‘Good Citizen badge” if you complete the entire thing within 35mins… and of course being us, we wanted that badge! So we went through the games with a mission.:)

This is the lanyard given

And I bought this as a souvenir~:) Its a pouch with an eco tote inside, think this should come in handy when I suddenly need extra space, or it rains and I need to cover my bag.

The games are simple and quite fun when you’re doing it as a group (as you can laugh at/with each other) 🙂


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