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Flickr: Sweet Merveilles’ Photostream

on January 17, 2010

Flickr: Sweet Merveilles’ Photostream.


I found this Singapore lady who makes macaron/cakes for weddings, and am totally in love with this macaron favor idea. I’d do it either with Milk Chocolate/Strawberry or Vanilla/Strawberry. With a Mint ribbon around it. ❤


3 responses to “Flickr: Sweet Merveilles’ Photostream

  1. […] am looking at the Wedding Concierge – I LOVE their concept weddings, and they really come across as very friendly and warm […]

  2. fiza says:

    Yes Sweet Merveilles did a very great job on my engagement party centerpiece above! (“,) I am hiring them again on my wedding next year. Apart from the gorgeous and pretty setup, the macarons were delicious too.

  3. Yulin cheong says:

    Hi. May I knw who can I look for if I wan to order macarons?

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