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Engagement – Feb 20, 2010

on February 11, 2010

So our engagement officially is on 20 Feb 2010 ^_^ We’ll be having a little ceremony, and a lunch with the families. 🙂

For the occasion, I bought a lovely gold qipao from Zion Creation ->from a lovely mother and daughter. Apparently the daughter cuts all the qipaos, but has someone else tailor them. Her taste in material is really lovely, and the qipao are quite modern. There was a pink one that was in love with, but it was more expensive AND it was really formal… not really suitable for a lunch engagement, more for a tea ceremony and wedding dinner.

So these shoes are from Anna Nucci (a small shoe shop in Far East Plaza)… they had a lot of ‘bling’ sort of wedding shoes, and there was a pair that was really high that I liked,  but it was twice the price. So m3h.  I think these are really pretty and dainty.


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