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Engagement Qipao :)

So this is the Cheongsam/Qipao that I bought to wear for our engagement, its an off-the-rack, OOAK from Zion Creation… I really love their styles and use of fabric, and the cut is very flattering. Just that I will have to eat less during CNY in case I become too fat for it LOL!

The photo is really bad, but its actually a pale gold color. There are 2 layers, and the top fabric is somewhat net-like, which flowers in green,gold and purple. I really love how it shimmers.

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~^-:Deco:-^~ Pocky!

エビバデ!デコポッキー | Pocky Street.

Apparently, deco has become so big that the japanese have now released ‘DECO POCKY’.

Which I actually love, and really want to try. Imagine these at hime or rori meets!!!! ^_______________________^ We can have deco-pocky contests and workshops. LOL

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Weddings by N » Lifestyle Photojournalist

Weddings by N » Lifestyle Photojournalist.

I’ve already got our wonderful Sok Eng of for my wedding, but my ex-classmate actually dropped me a recommendation as well.

This guy uses DOF wonderfully, and the use of color is beautiful:)

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Re-designing antique jewelry

So we’re getting some older pieces of jade reset, and these are the tentative designs. 🙂

Flickr Photo Download: jade sketches.

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