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AP Milky Berry casual coordi:)

Went to Prive Bakery cafe today at Keppel Bay with the sparklies, thanks to Shu’s suggestion. Loved the ambience and the food is quite yum indeed!

So we decided on a casual loli day, since it was more for food, and I wanted to work with my new milky berry skirt in the black colorway that I love so much. Its blackxred, so contrasty and lovely:)

Casual Loli

Everything is offbrand, except for my Milky Berry Skirt from AP, and I used one of the waist-ties as a scarf, think it worked pretty well to tie in the outfit:)

Lovely day with the girls again!

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Milky Planet Coordi

Ugh the colors look so wonky here. They’re all pastel. 🙂

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Fairytale Villains Shoot

blue_meddy had a fabulous suggestion for a Fairytale villains shoot, and I was the Queen from Snow White, you can see more on EGL 🙂 Photos by Shu<3

Outfit rundown:

Bonnet: Triplefortune

Blouse: Mille Fleurs

Skirt: Moi-Meme-Moitie

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Coordis ~ Aug

Hi guys!

wow I’ve been away for quite a while… July-Aug have just gone by in a whirlwind. Happily settled in my new place, loving married life 🙂

Lately I haven’t had much chance to dress in rori, but have found a way to indulge my need to coordinate! 🙂 I guess I’m one of those people who really LOVE matchy-matchy style coordis, so I’ve tried to move a little away from that in the following…. Still quite into sweet AP rori, but classic is definitely interesting me again.