Moar Lace please

Photography & Gothic Lolita Fashion

JetJ Skirt~ daily wear/alt.



Again, everything offbrand except for JetJ skirt.


Classic in JetJ

I love this skirt, I’ve seen it before in other colorways, but never before in violetxpink.

Coordi rundown:
Blouse,Headdress,Stockings, Boots: Offbrand
Skirt: Juliette et Justine


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Classic~ in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Photo from our latest gathering, I went classic ❤

Coordi rundown:

Hair accessory: offbrand

Blouse: Moi-Meme-Moitie

Skirt: Alice & the Pirates

Stockings: Offbrand

Boots: Offbrand

Necklace: My Mom’s – from when she was my age:)

Belt: Another vintage item from my Mom

Bag: LV
Above Photo courtesy of Shu~<3


Little Bear’s Cafe – self-portrait

I was a little iffy about this print when I first saw it, loved the colorway, wasn’t sure about how busy it looked. Having seen it in person, I’m hooked. Its a delightfully bright shade of lime green, and the bears are really cute. ^^

Since I’ve completed all my post-grad coursework, I’m currently a housewife for the nonce… and what better time to get back into photography. This self-portraiture is quite challenging since you can’t see what you’re taking, and involves a lot of running back and forth.  Thank goodness for remote shutter releases!



Outfit Rundown:
everything from AP except for
Shoes: Secretshop
Bracelets & Pins: Chocomint
Rings: Kawaiifrenzy