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AATP Queen’s Coach

on December 3, 2010

I fell in love with AATP again with Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Queen’s Coach is probably my favourite AATP print of all time…. especially in the Black and Navy Colorways.

There’s something so classic and elegant with the creamxnavy colorway, not quite as dramatic as the blackxred colorway – but just as eye-catching.

Originally had the high-waisted skirt in mind, but fate had it that I was only able to get my paws on the JSK, and having received it, am very pleased with the switch. The collar that it comes with looks very strange on me, so i removed it and paired it with one of my fav boleros (mary mag) to pick up on the cream stripes.

The bonnet is nicer than the Rose Jail one I used to have from AATP – this one doesn’t have fiddly wires inside to keep its shape, but seems to have interfacing inside which makes it a little stiff, and thus keeps its shape decently, without the weight of my 3f bonnets. Of course, I am biased towards the awesome shape, flowers and construction of my 3F (self-confessed bonnet fanatic here)

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, as the camera is out on loan, and I’m using my mobile phone
AATP Queen's Coach


2 responses to “AATP Queen’s Coach

  1. Caro says:

    This is suuuuch a gorgeous print! And the coordinate you have is especially lovely with the bonnet, bolero, and necklace!

  2. thanks hun! AATP makes such genious prints<3

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