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Wardrobe Post~ 2011 edition

The last time I did this was in 2009, where the EGL theme was Wardrobes, here

Time has passed so quickly, and its now 2011, and the January theme is again “Wardrobes”. I’ve seen so many inspiring, beautiful examples both then and now, and I was especially in love with redtonic, go_slowly, little_circe, Fire, nokturnalclash, jullius, duplica_chan, kirapop…. and so many more ❤

Anyway, go_slowly showed us her fantastic wardrobe, and made a request for me to post my wardrobe – I certainly don’t think its as unusual or special as hers, but I’m pleased to oblige…. That is until I realized how much work it entailed XD

I apologize in advance for the shoddy photography and the clothes just dumped together, it really did take quite a bit of effort to get everything down and I don’t have a wide enough space with natural light to photograph -> so the lighting was pretty bad since I have both warm and cool lights in the same room 😦

I’ve been into rori since 2002, when a little group of girls in the sunny island of Singapore banded together for the love of gothic lolita fashion – 9years now! My wardrobe has been constantly evolving, and I do keep pieces that have special meaning for me, such as my first brand dress (Maxicmam cherry dress that I fell in love with when I saw it in the GLB, etc). My style has definitely evolved and branched out since then:)

Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

On to the JSK/OPs first, I decided to go by brand first, then sorted by color scheme. Let’s start with my Angelic Pretty ❤ Looking back at 2009’s post, I’ve gotten much more into AP and less of BtSSB in the last 2 years, generally because BtSSB’s sizing is not friendly to me, its generally too long and too large -> and the sizes seem to be getting bigger ;_; I’m also captivated by the colorful, and often sparkly prints that AP has been known for.

I really love the contrast of red against white, and the fact that the prints are of strawberries -> I’m sunk!
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011
From Left: AP Dreaming Macaron / Yumemiru JSK, AP Cherry Berry Bunny OP
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

From Left: AP Lady Rose JSK, AP Little Bear’s Cafe JSK
Mint and Pink is really one of my favourite color combinations of all time, and while the Lady Rose is a cooler, more aqua-toned green, the bright apple green of the Little’s Bear Cafe i so happy to look at. ❤
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

From Left: AP Sugary Carnival OP, AP Milky Planet JSK
What can I say? I love lavender, and while some say that SC & MP are very similiar, you can see from the photo that they are really different in color and in feel. SC is much more sedate and muted, yet still retaining that sweetness. MP is brighter and more colorful, with sparkles – definitely more deco-loli-able!
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011
From Left: AP Star Night Theatre OP, AP Marine Frill JSK
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

From Left: AP Star Night Theatre JSK, AP Sweet Jam
I love the SNT print so very much that I original bought it in 4 colorways, however I’ve since sold the pink and red since I’ve never worn them. Its so colorful and dramatic<3
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Probably the Queen of my Wardrobe and my heart, my AP Puppet Circus JSK. It took me so long to find and get it, and it never fails to make my heart skip a beat!
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And if that was the Queen, this is the Princess of my rori wardrobe, my BtSSB Mariage Poupet OP, which was one of my wedding dresses – I wore it for our pre-wedding photoshoot
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Mariage Poupet
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Looking at my wardrobe now, you’d never know that I used to be a Shirololi – I used to think prints were ‘too much’ in 2002 when I first got into the fashion (yes, I’ve been around for so long!) Here are the dresses that echo my past!
From Left: Rose Candle JSK, Hawase Doll OP, Karami 3-tier JSK
I remember when Shimotsuma Monogatari came out, and I proudly wore my Hawase, Maxi-pad headdress and An*ten*na RHS afterwards<3
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Alice and the Pirates~ the part of BtSSB that still fits me<3
I really love their prints, they keep coming out with sheer magic – Midsummer Night’s Dream, Queen’s Coach, Masquerade Theater, Cinderella Jewelry etc
From Left: AATP OP (unknown name), AATP Miranda JSK in Kinari
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

AATP Queen’s Coach JSK II in navy ~ how I was so afraid that I wouldn’t get this one! All the colorways were stunning, but I’d never ever wanted a navy print until I saw this :3
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And now, we move to another brand that I love, Mary Magdalene.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011
This one isn’t with me right now, but I should be getting it back real soon ❤

Victorian Maiden
This JSK was purchased by blue_meddy of teatrayskies for me on one of her trips, and I absolutely love it! Its currently being borrowed by a friend, but its one of my treasured pieces as well, so I can’t miss it out from this post<3

And now for a brand that I’ve started getting into:
Innocent World
From Left: Ishtar JSK, Luckypack JSK, Beatrice JSK
I’m probably going to sell the 2 black JSKs as they aren’t my type, but came in the IW 2011 Winter LP. The Beatrice JSK however, is a keeper, I really really love the colorway and print.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Emily Temple Cute “Emikyu” / ETC
I love their clothes!
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Lief / Mew (Korean indies brand) & Maxicmam
From Left: Mew Strawberry Cream, Maxicmam Cherry OP
The Maxicman cherry OP has special significance for me, as it was my first ‘brand’ dress, and I first fell in love with it in the GLB, and was lucky enough to find it in the stores in Japan.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Offbrand~ commissioned JSKs
The dress in the middle was purchased on the egl_comm_sales, but the 2 dresses at the side were commissioned way back in 2003? when brand was unthinkable and unreachable.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Last, but not least, the dark ladies of my collection. ❤ I will admit that I used to be a huge fan of Mana when he was part of the Jrock group Malice Mizer! MMM = crack.
Moi-Meme-Moitie & Pina Sweet Collection
From Left: MMM Chandelier JSK, Pina Sweet OP, MMM Irongate OP
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Ok, now that I’ve run out of dresses, here are the skirts! Let’s go by brand again.
Angelic Pretty

From Left, top row: AP Rose Toilette, AP Milky Planet, AP Melty Chocolate, AP Whip Magic
From Left, bottom row: AP Lovely Heart, AP Sweet Story, AP Angel Pony Applique
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And my AP Milky Berry which isn’t with me right now

And now for BtSSB/AATP
The red skirt in the top row was my Valentine’s Day present from my (then bf, now hubby) when he was stationed in Kaohsiung for work a few years ago. While wandering the area, he came across a lolita shop, and peering into the window, felt that the clothes looked really good (yes, he was supportive and I did wear loli/show him pictures of my dream dresses etc). He went in, and found out that the shop was Baby the Stars Shine Bright (which was my favourite brand!), and he excitedly made a long-distance call just to let me know that BtSSB was in Taiwan<3 He also surprised me with this skirt for Vday – he picked it out all by himself ❤ ❤ ❤ It is very special to me, if only I knew the name.
From Left, top row: BtSSB ?, BtSSB ?
From Left, bottom row: BtSSB Cinderella, BtSSB Cherry Bouquet, AATP Midsummer Night’s Dream
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And now for Juliette et Justine, Victorian Maiden & Innocent World
From Left: JetJ Bisque Doll, VM Floral, IW Puppies
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And lastly for the skirts, the grand ladies
Moi-Meme-Moitie ❤
From Left: MMM Divine Cross, MMM Irongate, MMM Irongate long
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Now for tops! For this post’s purposes, I tried to photograph the ‘loli-est’ stuff and , I do like to mix and match offbrand items in my daily wear.

I’ve categorized them by color scheme for this:
From Left, top row: BtSSB, Offbrand, Mille Fleurs
From Left, bottom row: MMM, MMM, IW
I’ve included the offbrand blouse as it is probably one of the most beautiful things that I own, with its soft chiffon sleeves and delicate beading<3
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

All Angelic Pretty
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Special Mention:

These two blouses are offbrand, but I’ve found them super useful and love using them in loli coordinates
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

From Left, top row: Offbrand, Mille Fleurs, Angelic Pretty
From Left, bottom row: MMM, MMM, offbrand
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And something that some people don’t think belongs in rori, but I absolutely adore, and try to incorporate whenever I can. Corsets!!!!<3 ❤ ❤
I have a few more, but these are my favourite ones. The 2 black ones are Excentrique, and the long one in the centre is Kikirara Shoten:3
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And now for more casual stuff that I like to incorporate in my loli style
Cute tees
Most of them are offbrand, except for the BtSSB ones on the top left, and some naoto frill
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And then for outerwear.
Cutsew Cardigans and Boleros
From Left, top row: AP Parka, BtSSB Bunny Hoody, AP Bolero
From Left, bottom row: BtSSB Crochet Cardi, HeartE Cat Parka, AATP Black Bolero, Cream Mary Magdalene Bolero
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

More formal stuff now, boleros & jackets
From Left, top row: VM,VM
From Left, bottom row: VM, Atelier Boz
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

I love them because the fuzziness adds *cute points* to an outfit. All offbrand
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And while its entirely offbrand, these cardigans are an essential part of my everyday (and loli) wardrobe
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

My only brand coat – Innocent World LP coat
I got this in the 2010 lucky pack, however I do own several winter coats for travelling, and we don’t have seasons here in Singapore (well only rainy or sunny), with the average temperature hovering around 27-34 degree celcius – so I really don’t need a heavy winter coat ;_; I’ll probably have to sell this too.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And since we’re done with the clothes, let’s go to Accessories – this is where the fun really starts, since the right accessories can really ‘make’ the look. I like to pretend that my room is a loli ‘store’, and try to display my things in that manner.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Hair Accessories
I am absolutely in love with bonnets, as much as I adore corsets. Triplefortune makes the most amazing headwear, and I’m a huge fan.

This is my box of headbows
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

More Accessories
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

I keep some of the maxipads, floppy bonnets and other headbows in here
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And now, my Triplefortune stuff. I’m sooooo in love with bonnets in general, and particularly those by 3f. The red bonnet is a ‘houseguest’ courtesy of blue-meddy (so it won’t be ‘lonely’ LOL)
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Here are my furry accessories, mostly BtSSB usakumyas, bunny bags, bunny muffler and my offband sheeppppp bag<3
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Assorted Jewelry
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

I’ve also been crazy about lace toppers or wristlets for years. I love them – I think AP makes the best due to the varied colors.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And of course, how could we not talk about footwear? I love OTK socks, as well as stockings – not just for loli, but also everyday wear. (even if its humid and hot in Singapore all year round!)

My socks drawers are arranged by color
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

Stockings – like go_slowly, I’m super in love with all kinds of stockings, but her collection is exponentially more awesome! I’m so envious:D You can see that I’m very into lace and simple patterned stockings.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

After seeing the other wardrobe posts, I think you’ll be bored by my bags… I tend to use a lot of offbrand stuff, so I just picked the more ‘loli’ ones for this photo
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

While I do wear them (and others) for daily wear, these are my go-tos for Loli.
Most of them are offbrand, only a pair of BtSSB white rose shoes, lavender Swimmer engineer boots, and my treasured An*ten*na white RHS -> which are totally falling apart, but I love them so.
Rori Wardrobe Jan 2011

And finally, some things that I’m waiting for! ❤
Lief ‘s Sacred Night JSK in White

ETC Duckies Skirt in Pink
ETC Duckies Skirt
Innocent World Forest Harvest Festival Skirt

Some Shirley Temple stuff<3
Waiting for!!!!Waiting for!!!!Waiting for!!!!

Ok we’re all done! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I must thank everyone AGAIN for their wonderful wardrobe posts. I really love peeking into other people’s wardrobes and I’m honored that they share.^_^



Makeup Haul~ kawaiishadow from shirocosmetics

I actually love buying makeup – and my latest purchase just arrived  🙂

Its the kawaiishadow collection of 5 gorgeous pastel pretty shades, with cute geeky names like Kawaii, Yatta, Desu, Banzai, and Lolita -> I couldn’t resist with a shimmery lavender color called Lolita! The etsy listing is here

I received 2 grams of shadow in each, and it came in a lovely gift packaging too.  For USD$28, its not bad at all, and comes with a nice handwritten thank you card, and two japanese sweets to ‘sweeten’ the deal, I smiled when I opened the box cos it was so cute^_^

Anyway, here are the photos…

How cute are they with those little faces? =^.^=

Kawaiishadow e/s collection

Kawaiishadow e/s collection

Kawaiishadow e/s collection Kawaiishadow e/s collection

For some reason, the colors don’t come out very well on my skin, I think its because I’m having a spate of rather dry skin right now – been very bad about moisturizing properly ;_;, however I’ve seen the colors swatched by a US blogger, and the colors are very pure and rich pastels.  If you love soft and shimmery, barely there colors, this is a great one.

Kawaiishadow e/s collection Kawaiishadow e/s collection

I also got 2 little samples as free gifts<3 thank you Caitlin!

Overall, I’ll probably have to try these again with moisturizer beforehand, and more primer/more product, but I like them very much.


Lolita Timeline

There has been a lot of talk about old-school lolita, and that brought back a lot of memories.

It brought to mind the lolita timeline that I put together for one of egl’s theme posts, I’ve since updated it to include 2010 as well.

To be honest, looking at my photos from 2002-2006, I’m actually glad that the fashion has evolved and encompassed so many subgenres, I think I look better now, than in my ‘old-school’ lolita.

Clothes have nicer cuts and fit better, and materials are more varied and tend to be of nicer quality. (no more oodles of raschel lace all over with ribbons criss-crossing haphazardly). There’s so much choice available, and there’s a huge community to share our love of loli with. Perhaps not all of us see eye to eye, but that’s what comes from diversity, which also brings with it creative and exciting new viewpoints.

In summary, while I do have wonderful memories, and have favourites from the old-school genre, I’m also glad that the fashion has evolved and progressed.

My Loli Timeline

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