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The 30 day Lolita Challenge :Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble

on June 25, 2011

1. I have loved all things frilly and girly – and lolita is a natural extension of that.

2. I have a mannequin that I dress up all the time in different coordinates – even though I can’t wear loli everyday, at least mannequin-chan can 🙂 It makes me happy to look at when I come home from work at night. I’ve been posting these coordinates on my tumblr mostly and its very interesting to see that the most popular coordis are generally what I term as dolly-kei inspired or OTT classic. 😀 Some of the more recent coordis below


3. I’ve been into Lolita since 2002! how time flies. My first exposure was prolly Mana-sama in all his frilly glory back then in Malice Mizer’s heyday. I still love MMM!

4. I was primarily an old-school shirololi, but all this changed somewhere in 2008 onwards, where my wardrobe started exploding with color. BtSSB was my favourite brand, as evidenced by this photo (from the EGL wardrobe post in 2009 – that was just the amount of BtSSB that I had amassed ^_^;;;;)

5. My lolita style today would be best described as eclectic – I love sweet, old-school, classic, gothic and deco – with a bit of mori and dollykei thrown in for good measure – I think its the coordination aspect that I really really love. I try to mix in more offbrand pieces (when pre-2008, i used to wear matchy matchy/top-to-toe one brand)

6. I have a ridiculous love for bonnets and floral headpieces. Triplefortune pwn3d my rori soul.

7. I have a dressing room that is my little lolita shrine/shop concept~ complete with little dressmaker’s form – this is my dressing room aka refuge at home.

8. I don’t consider myself a lifestyle lolita, although I love baking, dolls, tea, frilly dresses – though I will say it is definitely a part of who I am. I wonder if photography figures in here somewhere, as its something that I love too:D

9. My closest girlfriends are also into the fashion – we started out in cosplay -> lolita -> dolls, and are awesome friends. Aka the Sparklybits (which is not as innocently girly a nickname as it seems LOL)

10. Its been almost a decade, and I do feel really old sometimes, especially in comparison with the teenagers into the fashion nowadays, but I don’t intend to move on just quite yet – its something that I genuinely love and enjoy, and I do it for myself. It never fails to make me happy, especially seeing the fantastic looks and coordis that many of the international lolis (new and not-so-new to the scene) come up with, and I’m never tired of watching the different trends and new prints that emerge!


One response to “The 30 day Lolita Challenge :Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble

  1. Oh my!! You make such lovely coordination. they seriously inspire me!! I love OTT Classical lolita!!
    If you don’t mind, what did you use in the 5th coordination? Thank you dear~

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