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The 30 day Lolita Challenge – Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

on June 26, 2011

1. Wristlets

I’ve been crazy about wristlets even during the old-school loli days – my first pair was from BtSSB, but AP has replaced my affections as my #1 place for wristlets for 3 reasons a)Tulle Lace b)Cute designs c)COLORS!! – I’d buy them in all colors if I could~!  So far I’m missing sax, blue, brown – and maybe a new set of white & black? 😀


2. Headwear

Katyusha (head-eating bows), sidebows, canotiers, floral headbands, hats, bonnets! – you name it, I love it.

I had this thing about always buying the matching headbow for print jsk/skirts, but I’ve been weaning myself off that, so that I can be a bit more creative in coordination. Even in normal wear, my exposure to loli headwear has made me more open to adding little accent touches – hats, hairclips, hairbands, berets – you name it!

3. Prints

There’s just something magical about prints that turn a dress from a piece of clothing into wearable art for me. 🙂

4. Creativity

I was never very creative with mixing colors and patterns until I got into the Loli fashion – definitely inspired by all those beautiful coordinations out there, where colors reinforce and complement one another. For some reason I don’t feel that mainstream fashion generally incorporates that many shades/colors in such a pleasing way – but I’m definitely biased towards pastels and neutrals.

I love to see how people interpret the loli silhouette, but work themes and other inspirations while still retaining its ‘loli-ness’


5. Tea Parties

Call me cliched, but I really do enjoy dressing up, and sitting in a lovely tea room with girlfriends to chat the day away. (I love tea – plain, blended, iced, hot, as a food flavoring – <3) and who can resist cakes and desserts?

6. Drama

No, I don’t mean the sort we get on loli-secrets or other comms – I mean how dramatic coordis can get! I love seeing OTT coordinations that work – hard to wear in RL, but so, so pretty!

Themed meetups often encourage such OTT-ness, and it makes me so happy:)


7. Pastel sweet prints

Love this – from florals to macarons to carousel horses. Love them all except for things that feature blocks and other baby toys – I just can’t see myself wearing those.


8. Contrasty prints

BXW, BXN, BXG, OWG, OWK + anything with gold -> Moitie, JetJ, Lief (AP to some extent) are really good at these! They have to be border prints tho.

9. Florals

In your hair, on your dress, shoes – whatever. Love them.


10. The whimsy and magic it adds to everyday life.


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