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The 30 day Lolita Challenge – Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

on June 28, 2011

1. Ramen

My current favourite is the Akamaru Kakuni from Ippudo, but I’ve also eaten many delicious (CHEAP) bowls of ramen during my annual trips to Japan.  Luckily my hubby shares my love for ramen, so whenever we hear of a good place here in Singapore, we’ll be sure to check it out;) The one below is from my hubby’s fav place, Nantsuttei (black sesame oil mmmmm)

2. Tofu

I love all kinds except the ‘smelly tofu’ that is popular in places like Taiwan and Hong Kong. In a meal, a drink, a dessert YES PLEASE!

Had a wonderful kaiseki style lunch at Roppongi with my aunt once, and the entire meal was made out of tofu, but with many different flavors and textures, you’d never realize. ❤

3. Bubble Tea

Popularized in Asia, the most standard kind is a milk tea with tapioca ‘pearl’s in them. I think they call them ‘Boba’ in the US, and I’ve heard they are exhorbitantly expensive in the UK.


4. Salad

I adore fresh greens. Slather it in vinaigrette, honey mustard, caesar, ranch – and I’m sunk!:D

5. Beef

Tender, medium-well juicy beef please!

6. Tea anything

Tea flavored soup (yes we have that here! its called ‘thunder tea rice’), tea ice cream, tea cake… Yum!

7. Cupcakes

I love baking them 😉 and the best part is watching someone else enjoy them!:D

8. Macarons

they come in so many different colors and flavors! how can anyone resist?


9. Cheese + anything

I used to joke that I’d eat a brick if you melted cheese on it – at least I think its a joke… ^_^;


10. Pizza

Pepperoni + Mushrooms + extra cheeeseeeeeeeeeee!


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