Moar Lace please

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Got Loli!

Thanks to Chibi-Tenshi, my Silent Moon JSK & OP (Short) have arrived 🙂

I got the OP in OWG & the JSK in BXG – I’m really enamored of gold prints, and this being a full border print by MMM – I just couldn’t pass it up.

And a comparison pic between the 2 colorways


Chocolate Overload?

Since I have both Melty Chocolate & Chess Chocolate skirts in the pinkxbrown colorway, I thought some might be interested to see how they look against one another. (Yes, I really love chocolate<3)

Other than the obvious style differences, MC is a normal loli skirt while CC is a shorter skirt length that is meant to rest on your hips and without a petti.

You can see that the pink & browns of Chess Chocolate are quite a bit darker (and warmer) than that of Melty chocolate – its like Milk chocolate VS Dark chocolate. Lace especially is darker, so while I was hoping to snag a pair of the MC wristlets, I guess I’ll have to give up on that and hunt for an elusive pair from the CC release.

CC looks yummier and more decadent – but busier overall. I still haven’t really decided on how to coordinate it yet – really love the amount of detail. MC may be simpler, but is definitely easier to work into a coordinate without looking quite SO dressy, so I’m happy with the differences.

So which one do you prefer? 🙂







Got loli~!

Today a package came for me:)

It was the pink AP Chess Chocolate skirt + bonnet. I’m sure everyone has already heard tons about the drama surrounding the reservation of this particular series, so I won’t go into it again. Suffice to say that I had originally wanted the brown JSK (bustier style) very badly, but as things turned out, my SS wasn’t able to get it (poor girl). I was however lucky enough to snag the pink skirt from the AP site, and I’m quite pleased with it – absolutely adore the gold buttons+chain, and the print with its gold and brown is lovely.

Now that the bonnet’s arrived, I don’t feel that it really goes with the skirt, so I may be selling that piece off – if I had the JSK – it would be adorable<3