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Life update & the Clarisonic Mia!~

on October 23, 2011

Hi everyone! 🙂

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around lately, I do have a really good reason for it ~

Hubby and I are expecting our first, a wonderful little girl, early next year, so the past couple of months have been filled with hormones, morning sickness, sleepiness, and tons of excitement. Now that I’m in my 2nd trimester, things are settling down quite a bit, except that

1) I’m banned from wearing all my high-heeled shoes – which is pretty much 99% of my shoe warddrobe

2) I waddle – cos of the new imbalanced penguin silhouette 😉

3) Hormones have been wreaking havoc with my hair and skin.

4) My clothes (esp most of my loli) don’t fit ;_;

But when baby kicks like little butterfly flutters – its all worth it :))))))

Anyway, given the sad state of my skin, I decided to go for it and splurge on the Clarisonic Mia, for which I’ve seen fantastic reviews on. Timing is good as the Singapore Sephora just started to stock it (only in white – and at SGD 249!) Yes, its super expensive here, but the places that people used to buy from e.g. skinstore etc don’t ship to Singapore anymore 😦

I bought it yesterday, and tried it on myself and hubby – I used to have dry skin, but its now combi. He has oily skin. Was also recommended the Boscia Pure cleanser to use with it.

Day 1 – tried it once, found the sensitive brush a tad scratchy – will be switching to the delicate brush head soon. It left my skin feeling super clean and looking much brighter. (I’ve noticed my complexion was very dull lately, in spite of my exfoliating scrubs and what not). Moisturizer also just sank into my face afterwards. I’m very pleased with this expensive buy – wish I had gotten it in one of the yummy colors (see colorwheel – which reminds me of tea party shoes – i want them all!), but hubby would probably balk at using a pink or lavender clarisonic.

His skin felt immediately softer and he did say it felt really clean afterwards.  Too soon to tell, but we’ll try it for a bit longer to see whether it helps both of us 🙂

Also, I really like the charging system – which is magnetic (Which works since the clarisonic mia is totally waterproof, and there are no jacks to plug in).


And I also got the Boscia Purifying cleansing gel which is a  sulfate-free makeup remover and cleanser derived from amino acids to deep cleanse and thoroughly wash away impurities.

I really like it, it smells nice but not too strongly, and feels quite gentle on my face – was r/c by the Sephora staff. Works quite nicely with the Clarisonic, but I’m also dying to try the Aveeno face cleanser (which isn’t available here!) cos its been given great reviews as well.

Ok more updates later, I need to pack as I’m heading to Taiwan/Kaohsiung with hubby for work soon.

3 responses to “Life update & the Clarisonic Mia!~

  1. Woo! I was never quite sure if the clarisonic was worth the price. But it sounds like it does! Hopefully it’s a long term thing, will keep following your clarisonic adventures. =D

    Do you need help obtaining Aveeno’s cleanser? I can buy it fairly easily from shops here. =3

  2. Steph says:

    WOW! Congratulations ❤

    I have really awful skin and I like using Aveeno's face cleansers because it helps with the redness. Maybe you can order some via

  3. Chiru says:

    Aww, that’s so sweet!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Sounds like it was a worthwhile buy, hope it lives up to your expectations XD

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