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on April 18, 2012

Life Event: Birth of Helena Sophie Ng~

So I’ve dropped off the face of the earth after my girl was born on 27/2/12. Labor started around 3am and since I was in my 39th week, I wasn’t quite sure if it was true labor.

So hung around at home, took a shower and waited. By 6ish in the morning, it was clear that the pains were still going strong, so we decided to head to my ob-gyn to check it out.

We arrived around 8am before the clinic opened, so we went to delifrance to have brekkie. 🙂 nom nom! Afterwhich we headed back to the clinic, where the nurse advised us to check into the hospital!

Got taken to the delivery ward which was girly and homey with its floral patterns (aircon was set to arctic temperatures tho! which resulted in hubby catching a cold).

By the time the nurse checked, was already at 4cm dilation (yay!) – this was about 9 or 10am. I’d had about enough of the contractions already, so requested for the epidural – which made the entire process quite comfortable actually!

Our princess arrived at 13.54pm – pretty quickly:) This was taken on the same night.

She’s now 6 weeks old, and absolutely adorable.

Here’s a link of a recent video.


9 responses to “nh

  1. Just a lurker but congratulations on your beautiful little girl!

  2. Tetsujo says:

    Congratulation. So cute, really.

  3. Lucythewhite says:

    omg she is such a cute baby! Congratulations 😀 ***

  4. She is so beautiful! Congratulations ❤

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