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Lief Royal Ornament Regimental

on April 28, 2012

Everyone has probably seen the awesome coordination that Lief did for her initial promo shots of this skirt. Thus I’m trying to coordinate it with something other than black… tho it was tempting to pair it with my Boz jacket (which I will probably try as well).

Not sure if the cream/blue thing works (I know the lighting is really bad, sorry its almost midnight here). Still thinking on what leg/footwear to go with it. 🙂

Everything is offbrand except for the Excentrique corset, and Lief skirt.


2 responses to “Lief Royal Ornament Regimental

  1. I really like the cream and blue. I think you have a very interesting look here. ❤ I'm not sure about the red and peachy flowers though. I think it would look best if the flowers were shades of blue-purples and purple-pinks. I'm not sure what kind of shoes would go with it myself. My first thought was some round toes heels or maybe a cute pair of heeled ankle boots?

    • Thank you:)
      I see what you mean about the flowers, they do seem a tad jarring overall. I will think about accessories a bit more, thanks for the feedback!

      Will have to consider more on the shoes…boots would be really cute, I’m thinking black oxfords.

      Coordination wise, maybe black ankle

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