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My Little Black Milk family

on July 19, 2012

From Left: Muchas, Cathedral, Jellyfish, Blue Galaxy, Red Galaxy, Liquid Silver, Juicy Fruit Minty Fresh, Hex



2 responses to “My Little Black Milk family

  1. bho says:

    YES, Black Milk love! I currently only own Starry Sky and the Blue Galaxy one. I thought it was so funny to be following a lolita blog and then see post about BM leggings. All my love! ;D I think my next order will most like be the Mucha and Black Galaxy. Maybeeeee.

    • ❤ nice to meet a fellow sharkie who's also into loli! LOL.
      I was introduced to Black Milk by an Oz Loli, so it kind of goes together for me. I think you have excellent taste;)

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