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Lapalette <3

on July 20, 2012

I accompanied my SIL & MIL to Ion Orchard today, and whilst there, saw the cutest Korean shop “Lapalette”.

Apparently the range of bags are called “Cupcake”,but the shop that sells them is “Lapalette”. They are designed in Hong Kong, but are a Korean brand.

Inspired by a “humourous british concept”, their bags feature horses primarily, but also buckingham palace, violins, maps, etc.


Korean website:

Singapore website:

Photo of the Singapore shopfront taken from the website:


I am absolutely in love with the Buckingham Guard Bagpack in green Image

You can see the rest of the range on the singapore website, but I also was very taken with the violin series (which was incidentially 50% off). Prices range between $100-$300 for most bags.



Isn’t their stuff adorable? The attention to detail and whimsical design has really won me over.



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