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Got Loli~ Mary Magdalene 香水瓶 (Perfume Bottle) OP

on July 28, 2012


Illustration by Sakizo ❤

I haven’t bought anything from MM in a while, usually I miss the pre-order period, but when I saw their first original print, I loved it. The names of past designs on the bottles, and the gorgeous elegant bottles won me over.

Usually I’d get the JSK or Skirt, but I didn’t like the white bit on the top of the JSK, and the brown trimming on the skirt. The brown bow on the OP is removable, and I think it looks nicer at the waist than at the throat.

It comes in lavender, rose, mint or cocoa. This is the mint colorway – I was waffling between the cocoa and mint, and finally went with mint.






There has been some discussion of MM’s quality going down, so I took some photos of the dress for you to see, and come to your own conclusions. Overall, its a gorgeous dress, and other than the material being a little thinner and rougher than my other MM dress, I’m quite happy with. The print is so pretty that I can overlook the finishing issues.






One response to “Got Loli~ Mary Magdalene 香水瓶 (Perfume Bottle) OP

  1. Ivory Fox says:

    It’s goooorgeoussss!

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