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Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty.

Angelic Pretty has released its Dessert print items on the website without making it available for reservation. Seems like since Marionette Girl & Dessert came out so close, AP decided to do away with the reservation for these 2 items. According to MochiMachine on EGL, AP will continue with the reservation process for future releases.

And pics of the JSK

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A Lesson in Lolita – by Yuko Ueda

A Lesson in Lolita.

She makes a lot of sense. 🙂


The secret to having a successful shopping experience is to “have faith in your instincts”. Lolitas do not look to others for gratification. Instead, they simply wear what they love. Cherish that moment, when you encounter an item that makes your heart skip a beat, and you fall in love with it at first sight. It is these items that end up being your most prized and long-lasting companions. Nothing good comes out of thinking about it too hard.

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Chantilly , an indie brand sold in Atelier Pierrot stores, is  opening an online web shop, with  international shipping and payment through Paypal.

Chantilly is also well known for their collaborations with Kokusyoku Sumire.


webshop here

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I wasn’t very excited at this print initially, expecting it to be exactly like the dress on the Starry Night Theater… However, with the pink and the applique, I’m in love! Its super cute<3

I think it would be super cute for a wedding change of dress!!!

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EGL Comm Art’s latest competitions~

egl: egl_comm_art – General update!.

Dec/Jan Theme : Photography

Contest #4: Wonderland (since Alice in Wonderland is coming out, and of course every self-respecting rori LOVES AIWL)


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Free shipping from CDJapan (Maxicimam, Moi-Meme-Moitie etc) for US pp users

Apparently, there was an email to US paypal users with a link which would allow them to enjoy free shipping from CDJapan until Dec 2nd. This email was sent this morning.

Go check!;)

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Hello World!~

This is my new blog for posting about gothic lolita fashion, makeup and other random frivolities.

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