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Simple SNT Coordi for The Doll Affair 2011

This is what I wore for Singapore’s only BJD event – we had a Circus themed booth, so I dressed accordingly, but since it wasn’t a loli event, its toned down somewhat.

I’m quite sad that you can’t see my goldxblack stockings in this pic, it was shiny and prett3h! 😀 And please excuse me if I look tired, we woke up really early to prepare for our booth.

This is part of our booth display – official photo from Jamie who was the event’s photographer<3 I didn’t bring my camera as we already had a lot of stuff to bring! Doll clothing was commissioned from ArcadiaDolls for this event!



The Doll Affair Singapore 2009

The Doll Affair Singapore 2009.

For my lovely friends who love dolls as I do, TDA 2009 is coming soon!

It will be held on the 19th of December, and will feature many wonderful doll vendors including:


Domuya &Kura Bara – Angell Studio



Food!!! Aiclay,Snowfern.


Jewelry & Wings & Clothes! I can’t wait… and need to start saving up.<3


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