Moar Lace please

Photography & Gothic Lolita Fashion

Black Milk + Loli style~ <3

Coordi rundown:

Headdress: Triplefortune

OP, Gloves, Socks: Angelic Pretty “Cinema Doll”

Leggings: Black Milk “Mechanical Leggings”

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell “Night Litas”


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My Little Black Milk family

From Left: Muchas, Cathedral, Jellyfish, Blue Galaxy, Red Galaxy, Liquid Silver, Juicy Fruit Minty Fresh, Hex



Jeffrey Campbell – Back Off unboxing.

I’ve been ogling these shoes for quite a while now – first saw them on the Black Milk website modelled with their leggings, and I stalked Solestruck for weeks before finally deciding to buy.

The fedex courier brought these babies to me today (Solestruck included free fedex priority s/h):)


With my blue galaxy leggings. ❤ The leather is lovely and shoe is super comfortable. I really don’t feel like I’m wearing heels at all, just have to be careful when on uneven ground or going down stairs. I told my hubby that with the JC backoffs and BM leggings, I feel like a superhero ^-^;;

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#liquidsilverlegs by Black Milk Clothing,

Top from Uniqlo x Milk,

Back Offs from Jeffrey Campbell Shoes – USA purchased via Solestruck

Bag from Samantha Thavasa Singapore ♥ I got so many compliments on my shoes today ♥ ♥ ♥ and not from kids, but older women (30s+++)

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more black milk leggings

Today its the liquid silver leggings + my 3D ribs top – I absolutely adore these leggings cos they look so robot-esque. Now I’m hankering for the gold ones as well, if only I had a reason to get the suspender version.


my latest addiction – Black Milk leggings <3

From Black Milk Clothing



I currently have hex,red galaxy,blue galaxy,liquid silver and juicy fruit minty fresh. ❤

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