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Union Jack coordi

This was one of my dream dresses for a while, and I managed to obtain it thanks to a friend who helped me get it from Yj! 🙂

It was a little inspired by Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, whom I am quite enamored of.

JSK – Innocent World
Bolero – Victorian Maiden
All others offbrand, and the belt belonged to my mother when she was my age. 🙂


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Coordi for Misako-Chan’s tea party




My coordi for the tea party with Misako Aoki today!
coordi rundown:
bolero: Innocent world
Blouse,stockings,hairpieces: offbrand
Hairband:  Grimoire
Corset: Excentrique
Skirt: Juliette et Justine
Shoes: Tabitha Simmons

Photo thanks to Jasmine!

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Cherubim coordi

Corset from eccentrique,skirt from Lady Sloth.


Lief Royal Ornament Regimental

Everyone has probably seen the awesome coordination that Lief did for her initial promo shots of this skirt. Thus I’m trying to coordinate it with something other than black… tho it was tempting to pair it with my Boz jacket (which I will probably try as well).

Not sure if the cream/blue thing works (I know the lighting is really bad, sorry its almost midnight here). Still thinking on what leg/footwear to go with it. 🙂

Everything is offbrand except for the Excentrique corset, and Lief skirt.


Classic Lolita ~ with dollykei accents~:)

Coordi rundown:

Bolero: Innocent World

Skirt: Alice & the Pirates

Everything else offbrand.


rococo x dollykei inspired coordi~

I just got my r-series JSK in the mail today, and i love it. The fabric is actually sparkly<3




Coordi rundown:

JSK: R-Series

Choker: BtSSB

Bolero: VM

Everything else offbrand


Attempt 1 ~ Dolly Kei x Lolita

Dolly Kei for me is a very rich and interesting fashion, and I must confess that I am still learning and trying to understand the essence of it. This is my first attempt at a Dolly Kei x Lolita crossover, and I know I have much to improve.

Everything is offbrand 🙂
JSK: by diaphinisedbat