Moar Lace please

Photography & Gothic Lolita Fashion

Little Bo Peep~ Mori Girl x Lolita~

Photos by my hubby~

Bo Peep lost her sheep~

Bo Peep FOUND her sheep<3

Photos by Sok Eng of berryhappy<3

You can see more photos from this shoot in this post on EGL by blue_meddy 

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Sneak Peek ~ Little Bo Peep

Who’s obviously already found her sheep, and is happ3h~!

Photography by Sok Eng of berryhappy<3 from today’s photoshoot

Outfit is a Mori Girl x Lolita inspired look:)

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Mori Girl style~<3

Taken with iPhone, realized that I don’t have a full body shot ;_; Anyway that’s me taking a snap of me and my hubby after he took the below photo of me<3

Photo by Hubby!

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Mori Girl x Lolita inspired Coordi~

I’m thinking of doing coordis inspired by the various subgenres, and this is my take on Mori Girl Lolita~ What do you think? 🙂

Everything is offbrand except the Victorian Maiden JSK.

Photography by me~!

Mori Lolita~style