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French Furniture | French Style Furniture – Sweetpea & Willow London

French Furniture | French Style Furniture – Sweetpea & Willow London.

More lovely furniture<3

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Curtain samples for our home~


Went to the curtains shop today, and fell in love with these fabrics. There are hundreds to choose from, but I love the classic-ness of the stripes. There’s also a subtle shimmer/sheen to them. Florals will probably be too dated.

Living Room – Oyster

Study – Aqua

Dressing Room – Rose

Bedroom – Linen or Oyster?


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Deciding on a home for our TV~!

Since it will be in the living room, I’d want a suitably pretty area to put it on. I’m not sure which of these styles would be best.

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Samsung LED 7 Series – UA46B7000

This is our new baby, from the Samsung LED 7 Series – UA46B7000 🙂

The only TV I’ve owned prior to this is a 14inch Sony Wega from ages ago, so its really exciting! ❤




Isn’t it lovely? ^_^




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Visited the lighting showroom today, and am deciding between these 2 gorgeous chandeliers for the living room. They use swarovski crystal, and are absolutely mesmerizing once the lights are on.

I really love how they sparkle, and the candles with oodles of crystals draped is stunning.

I had a really great experience with the owner at this shop, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for lights for their home! The shop is “Lighting Connection Pte Ltd”, and they have several showrooms that you can visit. I went to the Balestier one.




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Paris Home Collection

Paris Home Collection.

For those like me, who adore fancy french furniture, but have a limited budget!

These gorgeous pieces are made in Indonesia and the Philippines, so they are more reasonable in price. I love everything, and its so hard to choose what to order. NOTE: there’s generally a 6 week waiting time for most pieces, however you can contact Michelle for what she has on hand and what is coming in her next shipment. 🙂

I’m currently planning to furnish a new apartment, so this is a find for me:)


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