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★ちびギャル・ちびメン★韓国からやって来た子ども服!COCO MARKET

★ちびギャル・ちびメン★韓国からやって来た子ども服!COCO MARKET.

Most awesome Gyaru-kids site ever? ❤

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Fancy nails:D

Got 3D nail art, and gel overlays done for the first time! This is for the pre-wed ps in Taiwan next week, first it helps my nails look pretty, second it will ensure that I won’t chip or break a nail while i’m travelling (which is what usually happens).

Had them done at NailArtBar, Dawn is super creative and very friendly. I just told her I wanted pink with flowers, and she did the rest ^_^

These pics were taken by me later at home.

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~^-:Deco:-^~ Pocky!

エビバデ!デコポッキー | Pocky Street.

Apparently, deco has become so big that the japanese have now released ‘DECO POCKY’.

Which I actually love, and really want to try. Imagine these at hime or rori meets!!!! ^_______________________^ We can have deco-pocky contests and workshops. LOL

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ギャルラバ Gyaru Raba – The Blog about Gyaru-Fashion

ギャルラバ Gyaru Raba – The Blog about Gyaru-Fashion.

This blog covers a lot on gyaru fashion, which is one of my loves as well. I find that I have much more opportunity to folow this style as opposed to rori, and its more affordable (and kind to my age as well)

I think I’ll be scouring this site for hairstyle ideas.

via ギャルラバ Gyaru Raba – The Blog about Gyaru-Fashion.

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First Photoshoot of 2010~

Fields of Gold

We had a little photoshoot early this morning, and this is a sneak preview. I’m totally in love with how the sunlight makes the lalang glow. ❤

Photo by Sok Eng of BerryHappy~!

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