Moar Lace please

Photography & Gothic Lolita Fashion

Shades of Purple Otome


Blouse: Emily Temple Cute

JSK: Leur Getter

Hairpiece: Innocent World

Socks & Shoes: Offbrand

Bag: Samantha Vega

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Galaxy Schoolgirl

Photographed by the hubby


Blouse: Wonder Rocket

Skirt: Emily Temple Cute

Socks: Offbrand

Shoes: Melissa

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Japanese Hair and Makeup + Randomness

Japanese Hair and Makeup + Randomness.

A nice japanese hair & beauty blog. I love the scans.

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LIAISON Custom Made LUXE ALPHONSE MUCHA Inspired by liaison

LIAISON Custom Made LUXE ALPHONSE MUCHA Inspired by liaison.

Absolutely gorgeous, but what’s with that price tag!!!

Photos of her incredible work

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Cyperous Wigs


I have been waffling about these wigs for the longest time, they would look so pretty, however the upkeep for it would be quite troublesome. Perhaps someday I’ll get one. This one would look exactly like my current haircolor. ❤

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