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Makeup Haul~ kawaiishadow from shirocosmetics

I actually love buying makeup – and my latest purchase just arrived  🙂

Its the kawaiishadow collection of 5 gorgeous pastel pretty shades, with cute geeky names like Kawaii, Yatta, Desu, Banzai, and Lolita -> I couldn’t resist with a shimmery lavender color called Lolita! The etsy listing is here

I received 2 grams of shadow in each, and it came in a lovely gift packaging too.  For USD$28, its not bad at all, and comes with a nice handwritten thank you card, and two japanese sweets to ‘sweeten’ the deal, I smiled when I opened the box cos it was so cute^_^

Anyway, here are the photos…

How cute are they with those little faces? =^.^=

Kawaiishadow e/s collection

Kawaiishadow e/s collection

Kawaiishadow e/s collection Kawaiishadow e/s collection

For some reason, the colors don’t come out very well on my skin, I think its because I’m having a spate of rather dry skin right now – been very bad about moisturizing properly ;_;, however I’ve seen the colors swatched by a US blogger, and the colors are very pure and rich pastels.  If you love soft and shimmery, barely there colors, this is a great one.

Kawaiishadow e/s collection Kawaiishadow e/s collection

I also got 2 little samples as free gifts<3 thank you Caitlin!

Overall, I’ll probably have to try these again with moisturizer beforehand, and more primer/more product, but I like them very much.


Japanese Hair and Makeup + Randomness

Japanese Hair and Makeup + Randomness.

A nice japanese hair & beauty blog. I love the scans.

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Matching your nails to your print?

aurorahime on egl posted these, and I love the idea! I’m totally tempted to get my manicurist to replicate these for a special occassion.

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Oct 2009 Japan Loot~

The loot from my Oct 2009 trip to Tokyo.

AP Starry Night Theater Postcard sets

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