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The Wedding Lunch Menu


Saturday, 3 July 2010


Wedding Lunch Menu

Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck with Goose Liver Terrine and Apple Relish

Japanese Egg Chawan Mushi with Pan-seared Scallop and Red Onion with Sundried Tomato Chutney **

** Light Lobster Bisque with Lobster “Xiao Long Bao”, Water Chestnuts and Tobiko Pearls **

** Braised Angus Beef Cheek in a Red Wine Reduction Grilled Angus Ribeye, Truffle Jus Edamame Pea Mousseline Or Baked Black Cod Mignon topped with Macadamia Crust, Fresh Herb Beurre Blanc and Crushed Kipfler Potatoes

(To have steamed jasmine rice on stand-by for requests) **

Dessert Buffet

** Valentine Chocolate Macaroon Tower

Rose perfumed Meringue with Forest of Fruits Trifle

Sweet Basil Strawberry Heart

Hong Kong Egg Tart

Red Velvet Cupcake

Chocolate Lovers with Raspberry

Roasted Cocoa Nib, Caramel Coffee Supreme

Chestnut and Passion Fruit Custard

Hot Yam paste with Gingko Nut

Hot Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb

Fresh Fruits Platter

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Protected: Cangai Taipei – Prewed PS

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Fancy nails:D

Got 3D nail art, and gel overlays done for the first time! This is for the pre-wed ps in Taiwan next week, first it helps my nails look pretty, second it will ensure that I won’t chip or break a nail while i’m travelling (which is what usually happens).

Had them done at NailArtBar, Dawn is super creative and very friendly. I just told her I wanted pink with flowers, and she did the rest ^_^

These pics were taken by me later at home.

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ET Artisan Sweets


I think I’ve found the place that I want to make my wedding cake. Just take a look at her work. Eileen makes stunning, sweet creations.

I dropped by today, and sampled the chocolate raspberry cupcake… which was absolutely to-die-for. ❤


Engagement Qipao :)

So this is the Cheongsam/Qipao that I bought to wear for our engagement, its an off-the-rack, OOAK from Zion Creation… I really love their styles and use of fabric, and the cut is very flattering. Just that I will have to eat less during CNY in case I become too fat for it LOL!

The photo is really bad, but its actually a pale gold color. There are 2 layers, and the top fabric is somewhat net-like, which flowers in green,gold and purple. I really love how it shimmers.

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Weddings by N » Lifestyle Photojournalist

Weddings by N » Lifestyle Photojournalist.

I’ve already got our wonderful Sok Eng of for my wedding, but my ex-classmate actually dropped me a recommendation as well.

This guy uses DOF wonderfully, and the use of color is beautiful:)

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Re-designing antique jewelry

So we’re getting some older pieces of jade reset, and these are the tentative designs. 🙂

Flickr Photo Download: jade sketches.

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Bridesmaid dresses – the search is on!

So, since I’ve decided on the color theme – which is mint and pink (ala Laduree macarons), I’m starting to look around for bridesmaid dresses.

The bridesmaids I have in mind vary in size, shape and coloring, so its pretty challenging – but its a really fun problem to have! What better excuse to spend times staring at pretty dresses?

Shu dear helped me go through and this is our first contender. I think its really pretty, esp the back detailing.

I’m planning to match them with pearls, and maybe a wrap/shawl. what do you think?:)

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Engagement – Feb 20, 2010

So our engagement officially is on 20 Feb 2010 ^_^ We’ll be having a little ceremony, and a lunch with the families. 🙂

For the occasion, I bought a lovely gold qipao from Zion Creation ->from a lovely mother and daughter. Apparently the daughter cuts all the qipaos, but has someone else tailor them. Her taste in material is really lovely, and the qipao are quite modern. There was a pink one that was in love with, but it was more expensive AND it was really formal… not really suitable for a lunch engagement, more for a tea ceremony and wedding dinner.

So these shoes are from Anna Nucci (a small shoe shop in Far East Plaza)… they had a lot of ‘bling’ sort of wedding shoes, and there was a pair that was really high that I liked,  but it was twice the price. So m3h.  I think these are really pretty and dainty.

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Love Beyond Measure Heart Measuring Spoons in Gift Box_Pink – Practical Wedding Favors

I think this is very lovely and meaningful as a favor. ❤

Each spoon features “measures of love” on one side with traditional measurements on the other. “A Pinch of Patience” = 1/4 teaspoon, “A Dash of Kindness” = 1/2 teaspoon , “A Spoonful of Laughter” = 1 teaspoon, and “A Heap of Love” = 1 tablespoon.

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