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Halloween x Black Alice Gathering

One of the biggest gatherings this year with everyone dressed fabulously.

I have a slight (LOL) obsession with mermaids, and when I saw this dress on taobao I had to get it as it features art from Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper, 1864-1920. ❤

This is my mermaid inspired look for the party 🙂

Headdress: Innocent World

Everything else offbrand/taobao,

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Not so scary Halloween

This is my outfit for the recent Black Alice Halloween Party~<3
Inspiration- Rapunzel from Tangled♥

JSK – Royal Princess Alice
Blouse – Emily Temple Cute
Bolero & Underskirt- Innocent World
Wristlets – Angelic Pretty
Stockings & Shoes – Offbrand
Hair accessories – Disney & Offbrand


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Black Alice Fashion Show @ EOY 2010

EOY had another fashion show this year ~ this time by Aeth. I wasn’t able to join due to prior commitments, but showed up to watch & support.

Video by Ivoryfox 🙂

And this is the post with the video of last year’s fashion show which I participated in.

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The Queen wears Moitie~

Photography by Shu~<3

Black Alice – Alice in Wonderland Movie Screening Coordi

So, I was inspired by Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous White Queen, and I had been looking for the right occasion to wear my treasured new whitexblack irongate skirt by MMM. ^_^ I was lucky enough( and the voters generous enough) that I got 2nd place in Best Coordi… the winner was a really cute girl dressed as a Kodona white Rabbit, with all the cute trappings such as IW rabbit bag, pocket watch and ears^_^ Congrats Miao!

Coordi rundown:
Headdress: Triplefortune
Blouse: Mille Fleurs
Corset: Offbrand
Skirt: Moitie
Stockings: Offbrand
Shoes: BtssB
Choker: BtSSB

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The Black Alice Loli Runway @ EOY

Black Alice organized a loli fashion runway for EOY 2009, and I was one of the models. Thanks must go to raydance who was the runway manager/coordinator!

AP Star Night Theater

Outfit rundown:

OP, Katyusha: Angelic Pretty

Socks: AATP

Shoes: Lolita Lola

Gloves, Jewelry: Offbrand

*Styling, coordi & makeup by me ^^ Photo by my SO

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From the BA shoot


Black Alice Photoshoot~

One of my fav photos from the BA photoshoot, photo by HH 🙂


Inspire Infinity! ~Photos By Han How~.

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Angelic Pretty: Dreaming Doll House

I heard that BA is bringing in the mint OP, black & pink JSKs & black skirt. I was really hoping for a mint or purple skirt actually. Looks like these 2 are the most popular colors this round.

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My Halloween 2009 outfit~

Black Alice had a 2009 Halloween party, and I came as an AP bunny. ^_^

Coordi rundown:

JSK: Angelic Pretty

Headbow: Angelic Pretty

Rabbit Ears: Baby the Stars Shine Bright (owned by Yun)

Other Hair Accessories & Bracelets: Off-brand

Socks: Angelic Pretty

Shoes: Offbrand

Wristlets: Angelic Pretty

Choker: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Ring: Offbrand

Bag: Angelic Pretty

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Past rori outfits – 2009~


Underdress and headdress: Victorian Maiden
Bolero: Mary Magdalene
Choker, Parasol: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Corset, Shoes: Off-brand

Blouse: Moi Meme Moite
Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Parasol, Headdress, Bag, Choker: BTSSB

Headbow: AP
Bolero: AATP
Choker: BtSSB
Stockings & Shoes: Offbrand

JSK, socks, headdress, necklace, wristlets, bag, shoes: BtSSB

Blouse: Moitie
Corset: Excentrique
Skirt: Atelier Pierrot
Stockings: Off-brand
Shoes: Off-brand
Headdress: Triple Fortune
Bag: Off-brand
Ring: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

JSK, necklace, parasol: BtssB

Not rori~^_^

Coat: Infanta

Katyusha,OP,Socks, Wristlets: AP

Shoes: Secretshop

Headdress, JSK: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Mary Magdalene
Shoes, Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Katyusha & Skirt: Angelic Pretty

Choker, Wristlets: BtSSB

Blouse: Moitie

Headdress & Blouse: Moi-Meme-Moitie

Corset: Excentrique

Skirt: Atelier Pierrot

Bonnet, Skirt: Alice & the Pirates

Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Shoes: Yosuke

Choker: Jesus Diamante

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Past rori outfits


Head-Eating bow: BtSSB
Wristlets: BtSSB
Blouse: BtSSB
Pannier & Socks: BtSSB
Ring: BtSSB
Bag & Parasol: BtSSB
Shoes: An*ten*na

OP: Btssb
Headdress: Btssb
Bag: Btssb
Petti: Btssb
Wristlets: Btssb
Ring: Btssb
Socks: Btssb
Shoes: An*ten*na

Ribbons: BtSSB
Corset: Oeisha by Mumbai Se (its an Indian designer, and the strawberries are hand-beaded <3)
Underdress: Victorian Maiden
Socks & Pannier: BtSSB
Ring: BtSSB
Shoes: An*ten*na
Parasol: Swimmer

Headdress: BtSSB

OP: BtSSB (Hawase)

Wristlets, Socks &Pannier: BtSSB

Ring: BtSSB

Bunny bag: BtSSB

Parasol: BtSSB

Shoes: An*ten*na

Bonnet: Triplefortune

Necklace, Wristlets, Pannier: BtSSB

Others: offbrand

Everything is offbrand except for the BtSSB headdress

Bolero: Mary Magdalene
Choker: BtssB
Headdress: BtssB
Socks: Offbrand
Bag: BtssB

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