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Fancy nails:D

Got 3D nail art, and gel overlays done for the first time! This is for the pre-wed ps in Taiwan next week, first it helps my nails look pretty, second it will ensure that I won’t chip or break a nail while i’m travelling (which is what usually happens).

Had them done at NailArtBar, Dawn is super creative and very friendly. I just told her I wanted pink with flowers, and she did the rest ^_^

These pics were taken by me later at home.

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ET Artisan Sweets


I think I’ve found the place that I want to make my wedding cake. Just take a look at her work. Eileen makes stunning, sweet creations.

I dropped by today, and sampled the chocolate raspberry cupcake… which was absolutely to-die-for. ❤


Weddings by N » Lifestyle Photojournalist

Weddings by N » Lifestyle Photojournalist.

I’ve already got our wonderful Sok Eng of for my wedding, but my ex-classmate actually dropped me a recommendation as well.

This guy uses DOF wonderfully, and the use of color is beautiful:)

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Bridesmaid dresses – the search is on!

So, since I’ve decided on the color theme – which is mint and pink (ala Laduree macarons), I’m starting to look around for bridesmaid dresses.

The bridesmaids I have in mind vary in size, shape and coloring, so its pretty challenging – but its a really fun problem to have! What better excuse to spend times staring at pretty dresses?

Shu dear helped me go through and this is our first contender. I think its really pretty, esp the back detailing.

I’m planning to match them with pearls, and maybe a wrap/shawl. what do you think?:)

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Love Beyond Measure Heart Measuring Spoons in Gift Box_Pink – Practical Wedding Favors

I think this is very lovely and meaningful as a favor. ❤

Each spoon features “measures of love” on one side with traditional measurements on the other. “A Pinch of Patience” = 1/4 teaspoon, “A Dash of Kindness” = 1/2 teaspoon , “A Spoonful of Laughter” = 1 teaspoon, and “A Heap of Love” = 1 tablespoon.

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Flickr: Sweet Merveilles’ Photostream

Flickr: Sweet Merveilles’ Photostream.


I found this Singapore lady who makes macaron/cakes for weddings, and am totally in love with this macaron favor idea. I’d do it either with Milk Chocolate/Strawberry or Vanilla/Strawberry. With a Mint ribbon around it. ❤


kiss the groom » The Unbelievably Lovely Faery Wedding

kiss the groom » Blog Archive » The Unbelievably Lovely Faery Wedding.

This has to be the most beautiful and surreal wedding I’ve ever seen.

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MangoRED 2009

MangoRED 2009.

Incredible wedding photography. Perfectly capturing the mood and the feeling. Especially T h e W E D D I N G o f BEN KAMARCK { a n d } JEN CHAO

Go see, and fall in love too!

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Rock ‘n Roll Bride · Your Big Day the Rock n Roll Way

Rock ‘n Roll Bride · Your Big Day the Rock n Roll Way.

Great website showing real-life weddings, but with a twist. ❤

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Rock ‘n Roll Bride · Marie Antoinette – To The Extreme!

Rock ‘n Roll Bride · Marie Antoinette – To The Extreme!.

This is a real wedding where the bride and groom made/did everything themselves! I’m totally in awe.

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