Moar Lace please

Photography & Gothic Lolita Fashion

Doll – themed lolita shoot

A little shoot with my Yolanda set ❤


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Union Jack coordi

This was one of my dream dresses for a while, and I managed to obtain it thanks to a friend who helped me get it from Yj! 🙂

It was a little inspired by Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, whom I am quite enamored of.

JSK – Innocent World
Bolero – Victorian Maiden
All others offbrand, and the belt belonged to my mother when she was my age. 🙂


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The sparklies meet Misako Chan!

Photos thanks to Cherly!


My autographed photo with her ❤

AND we’re on her blog!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Coordi for Misako-Chan’s tea party




My coordi for the tea party with Misako Aoki today!
coordi rundown:
bolero: Innocent world
Blouse,stockings,hairpieces: offbrand
Hairband:  Grimoire
Corset: Excentrique
Skirt: Juliette et Justine
Shoes: Tabitha Simmons

Photo thanks to Jasmine!

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rococo x dollykei inspired coordi~

I just got my r-series JSK in the mail today, and i love it. The fabric is actually sparkly<3




Coordi rundown:

JSK: R-Series

Choker: BtSSB

Bolero: VM

Everything else offbrand


OTT Classic coordi

I was playing around with my clothes this rainy afternoon.

Coordi rundown:

Bonnet: Triplefortune

Choker: BtSSB

Blouse, JSK, Capelet: offbrand


Digital Painting Commission by Julijaaa

Commissioned from the talented Juliette🙂 This was based off one of my previous rori outfits, I’m sure you can recognize the 3f bonnet and the btssb necklace. She’s transformed me into some sort of baroque, antique doll<3

Thank you Juliette!!!!

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Elsie Massey Hats – SO MUCH LOVE<3

Elsie Massey Collection Gallery.

I just came across these hats today, and I am totally in love with them. With the lace, the flowers and the tulle… *sigh*

Its just a matter of what to get now, they aren’t too expensive, but international shipping will probably make them expensive. I am definitely getting one… or a few, if I can just narrow them down.

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Rock ‘n Roll Bride · Marie Antoinette – To The Extreme!

Rock ‘n Roll Bride · Marie Antoinette – To The Extreme!.

This is a real wedding where the bride and groom made/did everything themselves! I’m totally in awe.

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LIAISON Custom Made LUXE ALPHONSE MUCHA Inspired by liaison

LIAISON Custom Made LUXE ALPHONSE MUCHA Inspired by liaison.

Absolutely gorgeous, but what’s with that price tag!!!

Photos of her incredible work

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